Mohican Exhaust | BATTLE OF THE KINGS 2017
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200 Harley were customized in occasion of the famous 2017th Battle of the King, 42 in Italy alone.

This year the bike the contestants had to customize was the SPORTSTER ROADSTER.
Many competitors but… only one King: after a first round of selection by online voting, it was the turn of a special panel of judges. This jury decided who was the Italian “Custom King” that will challenge the other runners-up from the other European countries. The Harleys that won first and second place have Mohican exhausts…

H-D PERUGIA                1st classified

BombTrack brings back to memory tales of races, asphalt and dusty tracks. A quest to connect the rider and its bike with an essential style.
Fuel tank, the tail section are the smallest possible; engine is built with H-D “Rail collection” covers, S.E. rear suspensions,  Racing Mohican exhaust system to enhance performance.. BombTrack is a mix made with H-D accessories, hand-made parts and hand-crafted accessories.

H-D RAVENNA               2nd classified

Roadster’s sporty nature had a big impact on design: it was decided to give the Roadster with an even more racing style, enhancing its raceing soul.
Distinguishing feature of the project  is the monocoque structure, made in hand-shaped aluminum, with its fully integrated fuel tank. The custom-made exhaust system was designed together with Mohican Team. All was desing to be easily replicated. The monocoque structure is nothing more than a dress that can be fitted and removed in an eye’s wink, without any permanent modification to the Roadster. No welds, no cuts. The message is: MEET ME HALFWAY. Double-face ride, today Velvet can be the well-known-to-all Roadster, tomorrow Velvet can be Velvet. Aggressive or not, depending on the rider’s mood, Velvet and his master will meet halfway.


The work of H-D CAGLIARI as well received a considerable recognition:
Mohican comes from an innovative and nostalgic idea with sporting and aggressive lines in combined with Harley-Davidson’s character and elegance. Mohican comes from an innovative and nostalgic idea with sporting and aggressive lines in combined with Harley-Davidson’s character and elegance. The ambitious objective of this new brand is to address bikers of all ages, merging together the needs of those looking for performance riding and those looking for a satisfying, enjoyable, free riding. First inspirations comes from Buell, the sporty American myth: the bodywork comes from there, matching modern state-of-the-art components like Led lights, 2:1 Mohican exhaust system, carbon-bronze elements for the frame, Screamin’ Eagle dampers, reversed handlebar.
The team building Mohican comes has different, various experience on race-bikes.

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