Mohican Exhaust | FAQ
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Where can I buy one of your exhausts?
Mohican exhausts can be purchased only via our authorized dealers (search for your country’s distributors and dealers in our website). That’s the only way to buy our products.

I fitted and Mohican exhaust to my bike. It is necessary to re-jet the bike or to make some modifications on the EFI settings?
During development phase of an Arrow exhaust, we perform several tests to check funtioning and performances of the exhaust. All of these tests are made on a standard bike, without any modifications apart the substitution of the exhaust. All the tests, both on the test bench (performances checks) and on the street (noise levels measurements) are made using a standard bike, with no interventions on the EFI settings. The only case where it is strictly necessary to make modifications on the engine and EFI are the Competition exhausts, developed to eb used on bikes tuned-up for racetracks.

I need a copy of the approval paperwork for my Mohican exhaust. How can I get one?
You can simply send an e-mail to To let us identify correctly the exhaust, you have to indicate the bike model and year of production and the approval number marked on the silencer (-s) which is strictly necessary to be sure to send to you the correct paperwork. If possible, you can also specify the product code (it is written also in the exhausts’ package).

I need some spare parts. Can I buy those items?
A list of spare parts is available on the website: you can order available spare parts you need, ask for them to Mohican dealers.

Product warranty: whom do I have to ask to?
For warranty claims, please refer to the dealer. It will be his task to deal with us for warranty claims.

How can I become an Mohican dealer?
To start business with Mohican it is necessary to send an e-mail to Our local distributor will contact you.