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Approval extentions available 

Vehicle type is a code given by the vehicle manufacturer, model-specific. This code is recorded in vehicle documents and in its Certificate of Conformity. IT can happen that the year of registration of a vehicle is not matching the model year, so in case on any doubts please always check that the vehicle type stated on vehicle documents matches the information given in Arrow website and catalogue. Also, being the approval of an exhaust system type-specific, please carefully check this information carefully, to avoid to purchase exhaust that cannot be used or fitted on specific models.

74508TOPM  Vehicles list

74508TOBM  Vehicles list

74509TOPM  Vehicles list

74509TOBM  Vehicles list

74510TOPM  Vehicles list

74510TOBM  Vehicles list

74511TOPM  Vehicles list

74511TOBM  Vehicles list

74514STBM   Vehicles list

74515STBM   Vehicles list

74507DYBM  Vehicles list

74507DYPM  Vehicles list

74516DYBM  Vehicles list

74516DYPM  Vehicles list

74520DYBM  Vehicles list

74520DYPM  Vehicles list

74517SOPM  Vehicles list

74517SOBM  Vehicles list

74521SPBM  Vehicles list

74521SPPM  Vehicles list

74522SOBM  Vehicles list

74522SOPM  Vehicles list