Mohican Exhaust | SCOUT
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Indian SCOUT®


Mohican: a masterpiece in technology and style

Mohican combines design and performance. Arrow’s expertise in terms of engines and the everlasting attention to materials and performances creates a technology and style masterpiece, dedicated to a myth: Indian®.


Mohican exhausts boost the typical Indian® sound. The design of internal parts and the shape of the final section (with the innovative conveyors) are the result of a long development and much testing, to optimize flow of exhaust gases to give a much more fascinating tone.


Arrow decided to use the best materials available and innovative processes and, last but not least, undoubted craftsmanship, in order to provide the most efficient solution in the field of exhausts systems.

Mohican exhausts are street legal and ensure an increase in performance by 10% together with 40% less weight, compared to the original exhaust.



Mohican exhausts hide under his elegant design a shell made of high technology, to give your indian® higher torque and power. Power gain is over 10%.





Mohican exhaust systems are developed with obsessive attention to detail. Headers and silencers are made with a special stainless steel alloy. They are available in two versions: glossy finish or black-painted (with ceramic heatproof material). The rear end-cap is made aluminium, available in glossy or black, matching the exhaust finish. The Mohican logo is die-cast in stainless steel, and is available in glossy or satin surface finish to match the silencer.



  • Made in stainless steel
  • Aluminium rear end-cap
  • EU certification
  • Removable db-Killer
  • Built-in oxygen sensor plugs
  • Saving up to 40% on OE weigth
  • Power gain is over 10%



Mohican exhausts are available in a wide range of versions, covering all needs and tastes. A set of spare parts are available for order, to further customize your Mohican exhaust.

These spares will give a different personality to your Indian® ride.



Products available for SCOUT®


74501IM      2019 black nichrom silencers kit and polish aluminium end cap

74501IMZ   2019 black nichrom silencers kit with catalytic converter and polish aluminium end cap

74502IM     2019 polish nichrom silencers kit and black aluminium end cap

74502IMZ  2019 polish nichrom silencers kit with catalytic converter and black aluminium end cap

74503IM     2019 black nichrom silencers kit and black aluminium end cap

74503IMZ  2019 black nichrom silencers kit with catalytic converter and black aluminium end cap